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Blue Smoke

Claudia Paige, Sound Designer

Claudia Paige has over 25 years of experience drumming, composing and producing music in the recording industry. She has recorded with singer/songwriters from around the world and has composed music for independent filmmakers and film students. She has worked in many premiere studios, including Motown Records, Capitol Records, Fantasy Studios, The Record Plant, to name a few...

Most recently, Claudia Paige has created a catalog of original drum and percussion loops for DJs worldwide

Claudia Paige collaborates with other musicians, composers and sound designers from around the world on recording projects, films, Indies, documentaries
, games, music videos and more.... 


 Digital Audio Workstation -  Logic Pro X

Now offering drum tracks and more from my home studio 

Drumming Styles

Eclectic / World Fusion / Rock / Jungle Grooves / Tribal / Funk / AfroCeltic  Middle Eastern / Latin Jazz Fusion /Afro-Cuban / Gypsy / Reggae / Ska  Trance / House / Trip Hop / Hip Hop / EDM / R&B Soul / Surf / Folk  JamBand / WorldGrass / Hot Club Jazz / Country and more

Drum Equipment
Ayotte Drum Set made out of 6-ply Canadian sugar maple with wood rims
20x18 bass drum
16x14 floor tom
14x14 floor tom
13x12 hi tom
10x8 hi tom

Pearl BLX 9 ply solid birch
22x20 bass drum
16x16 floor tom
13x13 floor tom
12x12 hi tom
Hand Drums
African Djembe hand drums
Pakistan solid rosewood Ashiko hand drum
Vietnamese tonal hand drum kit 
Middle Eastern Doumbek

Steel drums
Assorted Percussion from around the world

Paiste 22 inch ride, hand hammered for tuning

Zildjian 22 inch ride cymbal
Paiste 18 inch crashe
Zildjian 16 inch crash
Zildjian 14 inch crash
Zildjian 10 inch splash
1956 Zildjian hi hat cymbals
And more...

Sample list of studio gear

Logic Pro X workstation 

Focusrite – Scarlet Interface

Adobe Premiere Editing Software

16-track Fostex digital mixing board with inboard effects

Mackie 12-channel mixing board with inboard effects

AKG 1000s mics

AKG D112 bass drum mic

Sure 58 mics

Sure 58 beta mics

Sure 57 mics

Boss Acoustic singer looper and harmonizer

  E-Mu Planet Earth midi sound module

Roland Octapad midi drums


Fender Amp

SWR bass speaker

Gallien-Krueger bass amp head

JBL professional studio monitors

Electro-Voice PA speakers

Mackie PA speakers

Ibenez bass guitar

Ibenez electric guitar

Martin acoustic guitar

1960 Fender Lead guitar

Claudia Paige, sound designer in studio

Claudia Paige, Sound Designer

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