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Regardless of age, drumming promotes:

  • accelerated physical healing

  • endorphin production and release

  • lowering of blood pressure

  • control of chronic pain

  • boosting of the immune system

  • release of emotional trauma-related blockages

  • reduced tension, anxiety, and stress

  • self-exploration and –realization

  • a sense of connection to self and others

Drum student playing drum set
Drum student on hand drum
Kids on hand drums

Drumming is a symbol of life, a metaphor for the rhythm of our heartbeats, without which we cannot exist. Drumming gives us a way to feel the beat, pulse, or groove needed to remain balanced; it helps us connect with others and express ourselves emotionally. It strengthens the brain, as it requires the synchronization the right and left hemispheres while you play. Drumming releases endorphins into your bloodstream so you can't help but be happy when you drum.

In ancient Greek, the word “ρυθμός,” or “rhythm,” means “to flow.”  At "Octopus School of Drums", you can start finding your own inner rhythm and flow right now!  Have fun fusing rhythms from around the world and learn how to play by feel and through imagery. No music-reading ability is required. No experience is needed; anyone can drum! ALL AGES! 

Drum set

Tap Into Your Inner Heartbeat!

Claudia Paige, founder of "Octopus School of Drums", offers online and in-person instruction and can accommodate both individual lessons and friendship pairs. Lessons are tailored to the individual and can be 30 and 45 minutes long depending on your learning level and goals.

*Learn drum beats to your favorite songs from the musical styles you love. We’ll break down the drum parts and learn dynamics and feel for the songs.  We will be using our ears and not reading music.

*What makes a great drummer is listening to all the parts of the song and then adding drums in a way that enhances the magic. I’ll teach you to be able to be a musical drummer who plays in the pocket without over-playing. You won’t just play drum beats; you’ll learn to connect with other instruments and voices and play visually and emotionally to lyrics. You will learn how to improvise, play drum solos, and then get back into the song groove.
*Sometimes the coolest moments in playing music can come from something you had absolutely no intention of playing. Embrace the accidents! The ultimate goal is getting you ready to play with others.

Drum circle

Coming in summer 2024

Claudia Paige's Guided Interactive Drumming Events
This is a wonderful opportunity for self-expression, inclusion, mutual support and bonding. No musical experience needed.

We clean drums  & percussion and sticks thoroughly between sessions!

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