Claudia Paige's Recording Projects
Due to be released in 2022

High Tribal Journey (groove, hypnotic, shamanic, tribal beats)

Dance Rhythms and Grooves (world drum loop collection)

 Hypnotic Tonal Drum Sounds (songs for meditation and massage)

Druid Sisters (AfroCeltic, World Fusion)

Recording studio experience
Capitol Studios, CBS Records, Different Fur Studios, Fantasy Records, Jane Clark, Lucas Films, Skywalker Ranch, Motown Records, Prairie Sun Recording, Russian Hill Recording, Skywalker Sound, The Record Plant, APG Recording, Paramount Recording Studios, Temple Studios and more...

Discography sample

Jerry Zybach LIVE - Eugene, OR (2022), Druid Sisters - LIVE at Oregon Country Fair" (2019), Barbara Healy and Groove Too, LIVE at Corvallis Fall Festival" (2018), Druid Sisters - Portugal and the US Sessions" (2018), Claudia Paige (2017), Druid Sisters" (2013)
 Diane Patterson" (2013), Temple Studios session drummer - (2008-2015)
The Blue Dudes (2013), MoonJuju (2012), Druid Sisters (2011), Druid Sisters Tea Party (2006) 
My Familiar (1997), Holly Joe (1994), When Girls Collide (1994), Rain Equine with Claudia Paige (1994)
Santa Cruz Local Music Compilation (1994), Shanghai Pearl (CBS Records 1990), Jain (1981/1983/1984/1986)

Claudia Paige's musical mix of bands from around the world. Some of the tracks are available for $2.50 each or $10 for the album. Thank you for supporting original music. 

Claudia Paige creates and composes visual music for soundtracks through her production company, "SugarBeat Sound Design"! Purchase individual tracks for $2.50. Thank you for supporting original music.