Claudia Paige, founder of Octopus School of Drums

and a highly-sought-after drummer, producer, and

recording artist with more than twenty-five years of

experience, has joined forces with Lisa Williams, a

licensed clinical social worker with over two decades

of field and classroom experience.  Together, they offer

a full menu of RhythmHealing courses and workshops designed to build a sense of connection and community while also reaping the known benefits of drumming, including decreased anxiety and depression, improved motor and memory skill, and reduced levels of chronic pain, to name only a few. 

Claudia and Lisa specialize in working with seniors, kids, at-risk populations, and clients with specialized learning needs. Claudia has designed music curriculum for inner-city kids and Special Olympics athletes, for example, and has met with great success using color and imagery to make more accessible the learning of complex rhythm patterns. Lisa, an experienced adoptive parent, has worked with kids in the juvenile justice and foster care systems and uses a variety of clinical methodologies to help her clients find their way to better self-expression and healthier attachment patterns. Together, Claudia and Lisa use their skill and experience to create a therapeutic and fun learning environment where music serves as the primer for increased emotional literacy and a greater sense of safety, connection, and self-determination. 

RhythmHealing offers several different workshop and on-line course options for clients of all ages.

Coming up in Summer and Fall of 2020:

Tapping Your Inner Heartbeat: Connection through Writing and Rhythm!

In this course, participants will learn to capture and share a range of life experiences and emotions through word and sound.

Course description and cost coming soon! If you are interested, get in touch and we will connect back with you soon.









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