Everyone Is A Drummer!


Regardless of the age, identity, or skill level of the learner, drumming promotes:


  • accelerated physical healing

  • endorphin production and release

  • lowering of blood pressure

  • control of chronic pain

  • boosting of the immune system

  • release of emotional trauma-related blockages

  • reduced tension, anxiety, and stress

  • self-exploration and –realization

  • a sense of connection to self and others

In a fast-paced world where stress is common, drumming can provide an antidote, a slowing-down, a primal expression of our deepest feelings. Rhythmic drumming is a symbol of life, a metaphor for the rhythm of our heartbeats, without which we cannot exist. Drumming gives us a way to feel the beat, pulse, or groove needed to remain balanced; it helps us connect with others and express ourselves emotionally. It strengthens the brain, as it requires the synchronization of your right and left hemispheres while you play. Drumming is an exercise, and like any exercise, it releases endorphins into your bloodstream. You can't help but be happy when you drum.

In ancient Greek, the word “ρυθμός,” or “rhythm,” means “to flow.”  At Octopus School of Drums, you can start finding your own inner rhythm and flow right now!  Beginning drum lessons are available on drum kit or hand drums.  Have fun fusing rhythms from around the world and learn how to play by feel and through imagery. 


No music-reading ability is required. No experience is needed; anyone can drum! 

Claudia takes students of all ages and at this time offers on-line lessons.



Contact Octopus School of Drums for rates and individual lessons!







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