Music for Seniors

Claudia Paige, former Senior Center Activities Director and a multi-instrumentalist/drummer/percussionist/vocalist, works with some of the most sought-out musicians in the Pacific Northwest to provide live music. She has put together several duos and trios who offer a repertoire of music from all eras and genres from the 1940s on, including Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, and much more. 

Add a variety of music entertainment to your activities roster or bring in a band for your holiday events.  There is music here for everyone!  Examples include:
- 40s, 50s, 60s 
-Tribute to the Beatles

-Jazz, Jump Blues, Bebop and Swing
- Rhythm and Blues

- Classical, Instrumental
- Claudia Paige’s Holiday Song Celebrations
And more….
Music is Medicine!

When people listen to music they enjoy, it can reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, and it can help seniors get up and moving more. Music brings people together, building community and connection. Music is often used therapeutically in senior facilities and communities. Research has shown that active involvement with music enhances its neurological benefits and helps reactivate memories not accessed in routine social interactions.  “RhythmHealing” is a program for seniors to connect with each other and have fun and tune into their bodies and emotions playing rhythms on yoga balls, hand drums and percussion reaping the incredible health benefits of music, rhythm, and motion.

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