​All Ages!

Learn hand and stick techniques

Bass drum and hi hat patterns

Learn drumbeats to your favorite songs from the musical styles you love. We’ll break down the drum parts and learn dynamics and feel for the songs. No experience or music reading ability necessary. We will be using our ears and not reading music.


What makes a great drummer is listening to all the parts of the song and then adding drums in a way that enhances the magic. We’ll teach you to be able to be a musical drummer who plays in the pocket without over-playing. You won’t just play drumbeats; you’ll learn to connect with other instruments and voices and play visually and emotionally to lyrics. You will learn how to improvise, play drum solos, and then get back into the song groove.


Sometimes the coolest moments in playing music can come from something you had absolutely no intention of playing. Embrace the accidents! The ultimate goal is getting you ready to play with others.

Contact Claudia Paige, octopusschool@claudiathedrummer.com


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